Dubai CSI Parish Choir

Dubai CSI Parish Choir had its humble beginnings in the year 1975 with a group of male voices, mainly leading the congregation in singing during the weekly worship. Over the years it has grown in strength and talent under the leadership of three choir masters and the dedication of its many members. Soon the female voices joined and the group turned into a full-fledged, 4-parts choir.

The first choir master, Mr. J.E. Mathew trained up the choir till 2006, followed by Mr. Mathew Philip who then served as choir master till 2012. The current 70-member choir is now under the leadership of Mr. Juby Abraham assisted by Mr. Jino Mathew and Mr. Pratish Pothen as the church organist. The choir also supports a Junior choir for young singers of 8 years and above.

In addition to the weekly church services, the choir also serves at other activities such as conventions and the annual Harvest Festival. The choir also participates actively at the Annual UAE CSI Choir Festival – when the choristers of Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah and recently formed Jebel Ali choirs unite for an evening of choral renditions. This event has also been successful in the funding of many music-related projects undertaken by the Chorister’s Association.

A monthly prayer fellowship conducted by the choir members has been an encouragement to many. The Choir also takes part in missionary and charity activities with a fund set up with contributions from its members.

We are grateful to the Lord Jesus for honoring and sustaining us over the years.

"Sthuthi Chol" Carols 2020

Manimedayumilla- Carols 2020