The biggest weakness in the Church today is scarcity of lay individuals to lead the Church and minister. Lay people continue to see themselves in their expected role of servants of the institutional church. No one proposed that the church should see as its major task to encourage and enable its laypeople to function as crucial change agents in the various institutions in which they live and work. Who is the Laity of the Church? Etymologically, The word Laity is derived from the Greek laos, “the people”; laikos, “one of the people”. By definition, Laity means the body of the faithful, outside of the ranks of the clergy.

The role of the laity is essential in accomplishing the Mission of the Church,

  • Each of us has been called by God to our own specific vocation and mission.
  • Laypeople are called to engage in the spiritual affairs of the congregation

The spiritual formation of the people of God is based primarily upon a covenantal relationship: “Obey me, and I will be your God and you will be my people” (Jer 7:23). Our relationship of trust with God shapes our thinking, doing, feeling, and being. When we worship, we bring the world before God, offering prayers of intercession for all. Be a holy priesthood to offer spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God through Jesus Christ.

Laity fellowship of CSI Parish Dubai will be concentrating on :

  • Active leadership in the intercessory prayer
  • Prayer cell, Fasting Prayer and Conventions
  • Periodic training on lay leadership and regular bible study session
  • Area Prayer Meetings and distant missionary, charitable activities

Prayer Request Card is being introduced and you may request for the prayer of the congregation and dedicated prayer warriors.  We need to look to reshape our church to our core aims of: bible teaching, fellowship, worship and mission.

You may send your prayer request to: