Vicar's Message

Celebrate the fire of the Pentecost!

Pray and receive fiery tongues, gift of the Holy Spirit
Greetings in the matchless name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ!

What is Pentecost?
Pentecost is the gift promised by our Heavenly Father. Pentecost is the promise fulfilled by God the father. The spirit who was active from Creation onwards came upon the 120 faithful, who had gathered in Jerusalem.

How the Church experienced Pentecost …
The Bible, in Acts 1, tells us about Jesus meeting the apostles in the Mount of Olives. He tells them that they are to be witnesses of the Saviour and His Resurrection to the world. They are to wait in Jerusalem until they receive power from the Most High. Then he ascends to Heaven.

Ten days after the Ascension, the blessed promise of the Father to the chosen multitude. The fulfilled ones who had obeyed and waited in the Upper Room were filled with the Holy Spirit. That’s the day the Church was born. It’s the Church’s Birthday.

Why was the gift given?
The Holy Spirit is a gift given to us to communicate the love of God (Acts 1:8). That’s the reason why the gift of tongues was given to the Church. In the context of the First Century, the apostles, who were called for the purpose, faced a language barrier in communicating the love of God with multitudes from different places and cultures. Our God, who wanted His people to hear the message in their own language, gifted us the tongues of fire.

How we can experience the gift
We can experience the gift of the Holy Spirit only through prayer and fellowship with each other. “Society won’t be transformed until the church is transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit.”- Anonymous

So my dear fellow believers in Christ, let’s celebrate the gift of the Holy Spiritand transform the world

In Christ


About our Vicar

Rev. Praveen Chacko hails from Kottayam, central Kerala and is a member of the CSI Cathedral Church in Kottayam. Achen did is school in his home town and graduation from CMS college Kottayam.

He was very active with the church, youth and choir right from his younger days. On receiving his call for ministry he did his Theological studies from Union Biblical Seminary, Pune.

On Completions of his studies he was ordained as Deacon 1st May 2007, He was later ordained as a priest on April 25th 2008. Achen served for 3 years at St. Thomas CSI Church Kallely Konni Pathanathitta as his first posting and later served 4 years at St. Peter’s CSI Church Puthuppally, Kayamkulam before moving to Dubai

Achen is married to Jincy Praveen and they have a son Rishon Chacko Praveen.

Achen has also donned many roles in the CSI Madhya Kerala Diocese:

  • Served as Executive member of Madhya Kerala Diocese
  • Served on the Pastor board
  • Youth zonal Sec
  • Served CSI Synod as Synod member

We wish Achen the very best during his minsitry in Dubai CSI Parish.