14 October 2023

23rd UAE CSI Women's Fellowship Conference ends with a message to "Rise as a Victor"

23rd UAE CSI Women's Fellowship Conference ends with a message to "Rise as a Victor"

The 23rd UAE CSI Women's Fellowship Conference was held on Saturday, 14th September at the Arbor School Jebel Ali, hosted by the Women's Fellowship of the CSI Parish Jebel Ali. The theme for the year was "She rises" based on Proverbs 31:15.

The theme song "Uyaroo nee uyaroo" was presented by the host parish. The Inaugural address was delivered by Rev. Raju Jacob, Vicar, CSI Parish Dubai.  The theme was presented by Rev. Jijo Varghese (Youth Chaplain for Dubai & Sharjah Marthoma Parishes) and Mrs. Saumya Jijo (Saumya Kochamma) with around 200 Women's fellowship members from various UAE CSI Parishes attending the event. 

Jijo Achen and Saumya Kochamma led the bible study based on the theme for the year, with illustrations from various bible characters viz. King Ahab (1 Kings 21:25), the first woman Eve (Gen 3:6), women at the cross during the last moments of Jesus (Matt. 27:55-56), the woman who saw the risen Lord first (Mark 16:9), women who came first at the sepulchre (Mark 15: 46 - 47) and the first convert Lidiya (Matt 27:55-5). Also, the speakers reflected on the characteristics of women in the book of proverbs viz, the foolish woman (Prov 9: 13), the woman who builds the house and tears it down (Prov 14:1) and those women who are easily angered (Prov 19:13). An Excellent WOMAN possesses qualities of "W"isdom, "O"verseer, "M"ighty, "Attractive" and a "N"eighbour to the needy. The choice is with us, to be a "victim or victor" (Hannah and Peninnah), choosing the right worship, being content and without being provocative. Few women realise what great service they are doing for mankind and for the kingdom of Christ, when they provide a shelter for the family and good mothering - the foundation on which all else is built. A mother builds something far more magnificient than any cathedral - the dwelling place for an immortal soul (both her child's fleshly tabernacle and his earthly abode). No professional pursuit so uniquely combines the most menial tasks with the most meaningful opportunities (Dorothy Patterson).

The Women's Fellowship members from various CSI churches in UAE gathered after a gap of four years and had a blessed time of meditation and activities, divided into four teams (Ruth, Hannah, Deborah and Esther). The day started with flag hoisting, followed by singing sessions, theme presentation, food and photo session. Various teams showcased their talents through group singing and dance.  

Rev. Raju Jacob, (Dubai), Rev. Sunil Raj Philip (Sharjah), Rev. Charles M. Jeril (Jebel Ali) and Rev. Lalji M. Philip (Abu Dhabi) attended and blessed the event.

Around 50 members of the Dubai CSI Women's fellowship attended the conference. Our Women's Fellowship Secretary, Mrs. Mariamma Thomas presented the Report of the last Conference. Members of our Women's Fellowship rendered the Group song "Ithuvare karuthiya karam".

The Conference flag was handed over to Mrs. Sani Binu, the convenor of the next conference which is being hosted in Abu Dhabi.

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